Bali Tourism Watch: Mangrove Forest Ecotourism


Case study at the Mangrove Information Center (MIC) Site,
Pemogan Village, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City

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Conservation committed by the Mangrove Information Center (MIC) plays an important role in conserving and recovering mangrove forest ecology which is potential to be managed as a mangrove forest ecotourism object. Mangrove forest ecotourism object is located in Pemogan Village, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City. Mangrove forest ecotourism products have different interests. The mangrove ecotourism object is managed by Ecotourism Section of MIC management. Its development has resulted economic, environmental, and social-cultural impacts toward the local societies. This research is aimed at examining the ecotourism products which interested by visitors; roles of government, tourism industry and local societies; and impacts on economy, environment, and social-culture which occur in relation to the development of mangrove forest tourism object in MIC site.

This research uses two kinds of data such as primary and secondary data. The data of this research collected through observation, interview, questioner, and documentation which furthermore analyzed by using qualitative space with some interpretations through some processes such as; verification, reduction, presentation, and conclusion taking.

The result shows that the four ecotourism products offered at the mangrove ecotourism object in MIC site are interested by visitors. The four ecotourism products are; mangrove educational tour and trekking (61,7%), fishing (19,1%), mangrove tree plantation or adoption (14,9%), and bird watching (4,3). Management of mangrove ecotourism object in MIC site is autonomously managed by Ecotourism Section of MIC and has not involved other government institutions. Travel agencies play roles in promotion and providing visitors particularly foreign visitors. Local societies play role in planning and development. The development of mangrove forest ecotourism has applied the sustainable tourism development concept such as; generating economic value, conserving environment, and sustaining the social and culture.

Based on the result of this research, it is recommended to the management of mangrove forest ecotourism object in MIC site to maximize promotion and sales of the available ecotourism products; government particularly Department of Tourism to issue a policy ruling MIC site as an ecotourism object. Travel agencies to be more active in promoting the ecotourism object in order to be world-widely known; and local societies shall increase the quality of human resource in order to be able to work at mangrove forest ecotourism object in MIC site.

Keyword: mangrove forest, ecotourism, sustainable tourism d



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