Diving in Bali

By I Nengah Subadra

Where to dive in Bali

All of our diving location are carefully selected based on through study and survey by the experts and recommended by well traveled experts, you may experience fascinating beauty under water in Bali. Here are some famous diving sites those are highly recommended:

It’s about 20 kilometers from the Airport, you could see beautiful under water panorama with thousands of colourful tropical fish, soft corals and spongers growing on the 25 kilometers of barrier reef. It’s good for Diving course and general information for beginners.

This island is located in the east of Sanur (45 minutes by speed boat), it’s actually one of the three sister islands of Bali. The white sandy bottom and exceptionally crystal cool water present you with assortment of fishes and marine vegetation.

Spectacular under water panorama. Should you dive to Manta ray, here is the place where we can take you to dive in 12 to 15 meters depth, it’s only 50 minutes by boat from Sanur.

It’s about 125 kilometers from the Airport, A US Merchantman sunk during world war II in 6 to 30 meters provide unforgettable diving experience. The wreck is fully grown with different varieties of clams, gorgonia, sea fans, corals and with feeding fishes in the lave flowing area mount Agung.

It’ about 3 hours drive to get this place , An under water park famous for its great variety of corals, sponges, tropical reef fishes and its crystal clear water and spectacular wall diving that drops off to 40 meters down.

It’s about 125 kilometers from the airport, this dive side is good for all divers or for fun diver, you’ll see a myriad of soft corals and fishes life. Amed has nice wall that drops of to 40 meters down.


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