Bali Tourism Watch: Tourism and Poverty Alleviation

Oleh I Nengah Subadra
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Development of tourism in a particular tourist destination plays an important role in developing the region such as increasing the employment opportunities, economic activities, infrastructure and superstructure developments, education and quality of human resource, and state and regional revenue. This research is primarily aimed at analyzing the effects of tourism development on poverty alleviation at Nusa Dua Tourism Site which is located in Southern part of Bali-Indonesia and developed as well as managed Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC). Data are collected through field research by interviewing the authorities and local communities to have accurate data by using purposive sampling technique.

The result shows that there are significant effects generated by the tourism developed in this tourism site and it truly helps alleviating the poverty along this region. They are in the form of job substitution-from fisherman to hotel and restaurant employees, increasing the education quality-from illiterate to well-educated man, and increasing the quality of life in which this place used to be a dried and poor site. They living culture is still alive even though it has been influence by foreign cultures as well as the nature is well-maintained and look more beautiful.

Keywords: sustainable development, poverty alleviation


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